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THE Online Quickie Course for Your Guy

All the things your fella needs to know


  • Haltering, Holding & Leading
  • Giving a Leg Up
  • Trailer Loading
  • "Loose Horse! "
  • Tying the Safety Knot
  • Horse Show Etiquette
  • When to Call the Vet,  and more

About the Creator

Cori Nichols is a lifelong horsewoman based in New York's Hudson Valley. She teaches horses, riders and husbands at her Nichols Field Riding Club.

"It's a lifestyle many of us women grew up with or around. Our fellas? Not so much! Here's the opportunity to get them up to speed, into the barn, and in on the action!"

He'll Get:
About an hour of topics, a few quick videos, a couple of laughs, lots of useful info, a ton of confidence.

You'll Get:
A knowledgeable helper, peace of mind, and more time to ride!

Everybody Wins!

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