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WE RIDE, VAULT, and DRIVE YEAR ROUND in our covered arena. Dress for the temperatures and work up a sweat. 

Lifelong equestrian Cori Nichols offers a specialized teaching style, blending enthusiasm, technical knowledge, and rider/competitor experience with an appreciation of, and deep respect for, the horse. Her students excel with both confidence and consideration. Lessons explore the ahhaaaaas of achieving balance in motion; of learning to communicate fluidly and diplomatically with the horse; of fine tuning the aids and achieving more, and more often, the harmonious moments that only a rider can explain. 

Cori supports the development of a balanced seat, "good hands"and a respectful leadership mindset for all riders, whether their goals are to trail ride, hunter pace, stadium jump, event or show. 

Cori has trained under protege stemming from the likes of Rodney Jenkins, George Morris, Eric Horgan, Karen O'Connor, Gary Rockwell and other highly respected professionals in the field. Her training with the US Event Association and her pursuit of Instructor Certification supports her technical knowledge - the "hows and whys", enabling riders to develop themselves and better develop their horses. 

Cori revels in starting young riders with right habits, while also adept at helping more experienced rider address more challenging goals.  Cori incorporates lunge and vaulting lessons for those who wish to increase confidence, improve balance and deepen their connection with the horse.

Lesson are available in dressage, jumping (stadium and cross-country), ground and carriage driving, as well as round pen and other forms of groundwork. 

She will also travel to your farm should you want help "at home".  

NOT QUITE READY TO HOP ONClick here to meet Cosmo, our mechanical Equicizer. The Equicizer simulates the motion of a horse, providing a safe approach to build strength and coordination, improve flexibility and boost confidence.

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