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  NEW! Vaulting Lessons at NFRC

                                   You Have To Try This!                                Vaulting Lessons for Children & Adults   $35

 Are you a seasoned rider looking to enhance your feel?

Or perhaps you're a beginning who'd appreciate a super-safe way to get into sport?

Vaulting is a wonderful way to explore movement while atop a horse.... And with two "rollers" (handles) to hold onto, it's virtually impossible to fall off!:))

The horse is controlled by a lunger (Cori) and moves in a circle. While Cori regulates the horse's pace and direction, the rider can easily build up a sense of balance. Vaulting greatly reduces the time taken to learn to ride safely: you will quickly be able to progress to the faster paces because of the confidence the roller gives you.

More advanced vaulters continue to incorporate gymnastic movements and can work in pairs or even teams of 3 and 4.

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